DCSB36 Gas Salamander

The Dukers DCSB36 Gas Salamander offers reliable and efficient melting, broiling, top-browning, grilling and toasting capabilities for commercial kitchens. designed for modern kitchens with premium features. All-stainless-steel front, sides, and top for durability and a contemporary look. Equipped with a standing pilot for instant ignition, it uses a powerful 35,000 BTU gas infrared burner, available in natural gas and adjustable for LP. The roll-out grid rack assembly ensures easy loading and unloading, while the large-capacity crumb and grease tray and removable broiler grid simplify cleaning. With three-position rack adjustments and flexible wall or range mount kits, this Salamander offers versatile and efficient cooking.

Product Features

  • Heavy gauge insulated body.
  • All stainless steel front, sides and top.
  • Standing pilot for instant ignition.
  • Gas powered infrared Burner with 35000 BTU.
  • Comes in Natural gas, adjustable to LP.
  • Grid rack assembly rolls out for ease of loading and
  • Large capacity crumb/grease tray.
  • Broiler grid can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Wall mount and Range mount kit.
  • Three position rack adjustments.

Technical Specifications

  • GAS SOURCE: Natural Gas (NG) / Propane
  • BURNER: 1 count
  • COMBINED: 35,000 BTU/H
    • NG: 5“ WC
    • Propane: 10“ WC
  • External Dimension: 42" * 24 3/4" * 23 3/8"
  • Internal Dimension: 36" * 18" * 17 7/16"

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