DCSPB2 Stock Pot Range

The Dukers DCSPB2 Stock Pot Range offers robust cooking performance ideal for commercial kitchens. Featuring two heavy-duty cast iron three-ring burners, each delivering 40,000 BTU/H for a combined total of 160,000 BTU/H, this range provides exceptional heat output for various cooking needs. Its stainless steel sides and front valve cover ensure durability, while stainless steel legs provide stability. With stainless steel tubing for pilots, 3/4” NPT rear gas connection, and regulator included as standard, setup and operation are convenient. Equipped with two continuous pilots and two manual controls per burner for independent operation of inner and outer rings, it offers versatility in cooking. The cooking area measures 18" x 41", accommodating large pots and pans, while the product dimensions of 18" x 42 1/4" x 18" ensure a compact footprint. Additionally, it includes heavy-duty cast iron top grates and a full-length seamless drip pan for easy cleanup, backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

Product Features

  • Stainless steel sides and front valve cover.
  • Heavy duty cast iron three-ring burner, rated at a total of 160,000 BTU/H.
  • Stainless steel tubing for pilots and pilot tips per burner ring.
  • Stainless steel legs standard.
  • 3/4” NPT rear gas connection and regulator standard.
  • Heavy duty cast iron and top grates.
  • Each burner is equipped with two continuous
  • Two manual controls to operates the inner and outer rings independently.
  • Full length seamless drip pan for easy cleanup.
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Technical Specifications

  • GAS SOURCE: Natural Gas (NG) / Propane
  • BURNER: 2 count
  • COMBINED: 160,000 BTU/H
    • NG: 5“ WC
    • Propane: 10“ WC
    • NG: 32#
    • Propane: 48#
  • COOKING AREA: 18" x 41"
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (W x D x H): 18" x 42 1/4" x 18"

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