DCGM48 48 in. W Griddle with 4 Burners

The Dukers DCGM48 48-inch W Griddle with 4 Burners is a professional-grade cooking appliance designed for high-performance cooking in commercial kitchens. With four powerful burners delivering a combined output of 120,000 BTU/H, this griddle ensures efficient and even heat distribution for consistent results. It is compatible with both Natural Gas (NG) and Propane, offering versatility in installation. The generous work area, measuring 47.86" x 20.50", provides ample space for preparing large quantities of food, making it suitable for high-volume cooking environments. Constructed with a robust stainless steel exterior and interior, it ensures durability and easy cleaning. Featuring independent manual controls and adjustable stainless steel legs, operators have precise control and stability during use. Each unit comes with a heavy-duty 3/4” thick polished steel griddle plate and a full-length seamless drip pan, facilitating effortless maintenance. Additionally, it includes a 1-year parts and labor warranty, providing assurance of quality and reliability.

Product Features

  • Stainless steel exterior and interior.
  • 30,000 BTU Burners per 12” section with standby pilots.
  • Independent manual controls every 12”.
  • Adjustable, stainless steel legs standard.
  • Each griddle is shipped with Standard Natural Gas, LP conversion kit.
  • Heavy duty 3/4” thick polished steel griddle plate.
  • Full length seamless drip pan, easy to remove and clean.
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Technical Specifications

  • GAS SOURCE: Natural Gas (NG) / Propane
  • BURNER: 4 count
  • COMBINED: 120000 BTU/H
    • NG: 4“ WC
    • Propane: 10“ WC
  • WORK AREA: 47.86" x 20.50"
    • NG: 37#
    • Propane: 51#

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