DCCM36 Cheese Melting Oven

The Dukers DCCM36 Gas Cheese Melting Oven offers reliable and efficient melting cheese capabilities for commercial kitchens. a premium appliance designed for exceptional performance and durability. Featuring a heavy gauge insulated body and an all-stainless-steel front, sides, and top, this oven ensures long-lasting use and a sleek, modern appearance. It is equipped with a standing pilot for instant ignition and a powerful 35,000 BTU gas infrared burner, available in natural gas and adjustable for LP. The roll-out grid rack assembly simplifies loading and unloading, while the large-capacity crumb catcher and removable broiler grid make cleaning effortless. With both wall mount and range mount kits included, this oven offers versatile installation options to suit any kitchen setup.

Product Features

  • Heavy gauge insulated body.
  • All stainless steel front, sides and top.
  • Standing pilot for instant ignition.
  • Gas powered infrared Burner with 35000 BTU.
  • Comes in Natural gas, adjustable to LP.
  • Grid rack assembly rolls out for ease of loading and
  • Large capacity crumb/grease tray.
  • Broiler grid can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Wall mount and Range mount kit.

Technical Specifications

  • GAS SOURCE: Natural Gas (NG) / Propane
  • BURNER: 1 count
  • COMBINED: 35,000 BTU/H
    • NG: 5“ WC
    • Propane: 10“ WC
  • External Dimension: 42" * 24 3/4" * 23 3/8"
  • Internal Dimension: 36" * 18" * 17 7/16"