DCF7E 7lb Single Basket Electric Countertop Fryer

The Dukers DCF7E Single Basket Electric Countertop Fryer is a compact yet efficient solution for commercial kitchens, boasting a 7lb capacity and dimensions of 11-3/4"W x 15"D x 11-1/8"H. Its stainless steel furnace body ensures high efficiency, rapid heating, and uniform temperature distribution, contributing to energy savings. With a user-friendly design featuring a power button switch for thermostat longevity, constant temperature heating, warm timing tips, and over-temperature protection, it offers convenient and safe operation. The fryer's thickened stainless steel oil basin enhances durability, ensuring a strong structure for long-term use. Additionally, it automatically halts heating upon reaching the set temperature and resumes below it, ensuring precise temperature control for optimal frying results.

Features & Benefits

  • The furnace body is made of stainless steel, and the oil basin is thickened stainless steel, resulting in a robust structure that boasts exceptional durability.
  • The whole machine design is novel, reasonable structure and convenient operation.
  • Humanized cooking, easy and comfortable.
  • The handles are designed to remain cool to the touch, preventing burns and providing a comfortable grip. Additionally, the detachable parts make cleaning effortless.
  • The thermostat is designed with a power button switch to extend its lifespan, as well as automatic heating shut-off when the desired temperature is attained, and automatic restart when the temperature falls below the set point.

Technical Specifications

Single Basket Electric Fryer
Capacity: 7lbs
Dimensions: 11-3/4"W x 15"D x 11-1/8"H

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